Just Gastón is a comic written just by Gastón G. Girard. It is a story starring Gastón as a stand-up comedian. The comic events happen at the Comedy-Amard House.

The comic starts with Gastón announcing Giuliano assisted to a party and that he will be doing the jokes that night. The people at the House don´t seem pleased, and one of them even throws Gastón a bottle. Gastón starts with the why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road only changing chicken with cat. The people inmediately guess the answer, and the bottle dude throws him a bottle again. He then tells the a-good-joke-hit-a-bad-joke and after that he asks "What joke is worse?". People guess "the good one" or "the bad one" but Gastón says it´s "his". Nobody laughs, and the bottle dude throws him another bottle. He then tells the what-did-a-comb-say-to-a-toilet-joke. Nobody answers, and Gastón reveals the answer is "Nothin´! ´Cause they don´t talk!". Nobody laughs. Gastón doesn´t even flinch when the bottle dude throws him a bottle.

The comic has a second part. Gastón continues as a stand-up comedian when they had arrested the bottle dude. He says it´s time for Mini-Gastón. Mini-Gastón tells him he is a bad comedian and bad ventriloquist, but Gastón tells him that as a comedian, he is made of wood (because he is a puppet). Mini-Gastón hits Gastón in the head with a bottle and says to him who is he calling puppet. Gastón throws him to the empty chair and starts with impersonations. He puts Giuliano´s cap and asks the people who is he. Everybody answers "Giuliano!", to what Gastón seems surprised and asks how they knew. Mini-Gastón throws him a bottle and says "You´re wearing his cap!". Gastón shouts to the people working at the House to take away the bottles from Mini-Gastón. Giuliano appears, takes away his cap, and goes back to the party. After that Gastón tells the what-did-a-wood-tell-to-another-wood-joke. Nobody answers, so he tells the answer: "And you what?" (a joke only understandable in Spanish "¿Que le dijo un bosque a otro bosque?" "¿Y vos, que?"). Mini-Gastón shouts he is a fake, and throws him a flower pot, which hits him in the face. The comic ends picturing an ambulance going from the Comedy-Amard House to the Hospital.